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hen we hear the word, “creative” we might think artist, writer, or inventor. And when we talk about creativity, it’s often referred to as an innate ability, something one is either born with or without.

The truth, however, is that creativity goes beyond colors on a canvas or words on a page. And while some people may be born with more than others, creativity can be learned, developed, and even summoned.

Creativity is a way of life, a decision, and modality for seeing the world.

We all want to accomplish goals, improve relationships, and live happier, purpose-driven lives. But what often goes unmentioned in the haze of practical habits and lifehacks of self-help is the supernatural power of a creative mind.

Way down there, at the bottom of everything we strive for, is a battle-cry to be creative.

“When you put creativity into everything, everything becomes available to you.” -Robert Rodriguez

When we have creativity, dead-ends become portals to possibility. Lack of experience becomes an advantage. When life’s instruction manual goes missing, creativity saves the day.

Creativity kills ego. When ego demands an explanation, creativity hands us the inexplicable. When ego tells us there is only one way, creativity gifts us infinity.

Creativity equals purpose. It holds the answers to unsolved problems. The greatest gifts we will ever give the world will be born out of creativity.

A creative life is a daily rebellion against norms and closed-mindedness. It is how we question assumptions, challenge beliefs, and lead prolific lives of experience, connection, and accomplishment.

To practice creativity, we don’t need to write hit songs or paint portraits. All we need is to look at something that isn’t working and ask, “How can I turn this into a positive? How can I make this better than it is now?”

my new newsletter, Creativity Equals Freedom, we’ll explore the lives and minds of people who’ve added value to the world by making the choice to be creative. We’ll distill stories into bite-sized lessons on how to invite more curiosity, possibility, courage, purpose, and — most of all — freedom into our lives.

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