The Life-Changing Magic Of Holding Onto The Past

For her, nostalgia is practical pixie dust. One hit and you’re off in the emotional time travel machine.

Not everyone has the stomach for a true household purge. Personally, however, I’ve been known to get carried away.

They were the outfits of a past life where single-girl-skin could shine freely under a Coachella valley sun.

We’re two-hours into the purge and I’m in our closet, tearing clothes off hangers. Everything from dress shirts to summer tank tops is brought under the light for questioning. I try on a few old shirts and stand in front of the mirror, “Any last words before the jury goes into deliberation?”

“The present moment is just wet cement, waiting for time to mold it into something worth remembering or something we’ll try to forget.”

There’s something to the theory of addition by subtraction. Purging the old opens up space for the new, and maybe, even symbolically, help us focus on the present. But the present moment can’t complete with memories. If it could, we wouldn’t have to try so hard to live in it.

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