Secrets To Mastering The Ego With Ryan Holiday

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“Ego is the enemy of what you want and of what you have.” — Ryan Holiday

In his fourth book, Ego Is The Enemy, Ryan Holiday offers his readers one of life’s most valuable gifts: The chance to learn from other people’s mistakes.


In the chapter, “Become A Student” Holiday writes about a system that legendary mixed martial arts coach, Frank Shamrock used to train fighters called plus/minus/equal.


In part three of the book, Failure, Holiday writes about Malcolm X. Before Malcolm X became the legendary human rights activist he’s known as today, he was Detroit Red — a criminal that dabbled in drugs, prostitution, and armed robbery. After being arrested and sentenced to 10 years in prison, Detroit Red had to make a choice — how would he spend his time behind bars?


In the chapter, “Meditate On The Immensity,” Holiday describes an experience the stoics called sympatheia. Defined as, “a connectedness with the cosmos,” and:

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