My First Book Just Launched!

I just launched my first book, Productivity Is For Robots, and would love for all my Medium friends to check it out!

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed or discouraged by what it means to be “productive” in the new world, Productivity Is For Robots provides a roadmap for unlearning the “hustle and grind dogma” that leads to stress and burnout. Filled with lessons from history’s greatest artists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries, the book weaves together stories to show readers how to reach new levels of human connection, creativity, and flow.

From Ernest Hemingway to James Cameron, Theodore Roosevelt to Salvador Dali, J.K. Rowling to Steve Martin, the book explores how dozens of creators have produced meaningful work — not by being robotic in work ethic, but by embracing the tools of human nature. With chapters on developing intuition, cultivating self-awareness, and tapping into creative flow — Productivity Is For Robots is a call to reclaim what it means to be human in the new world.

McComb argues that, “productivity without purpose is an arrow without a target,” and that by ditching the “productivity protocols” in which we’ve been indoctrinated, we can reconnect with what matters, overcome creative blocks, and yes — be more productive than ever.

Whether you’re in a creative rut, burnt out from endless chasing, or trapped in a Groundhog Day of mediocrity, the principles in this book will help you thrive.

It’s time to double down on what sets us apart from technology.

It’s time to confirm once and for all: I’m not a robot

I’ve got the price set low for the first week of launch, so if this sounds like something you need to read, please check it out! And let me know what you think!

Thank you!

Author of ‘Productivity Is For Robots’ | Writing about freelance work, creativity, and human connection |

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