5 (Quick) Ways to Stay Human

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The Integratron in Joshua Tree

Still wondering why the aliens didn’t choose me… It’s ok, I’m still figuring out how to be human.

Here are five ways I’ve figured out so far:

1- Laugh. Laughter is orgasm for the soul. Do it often, even when you’re alone.

2- Get good stress! Here’s all you need to know about cortisol or whatever: High levels that shock your system occasionally are good. Keep you alive. Keep you human. Low levels that linger and never really leave are bad, turn you into a robot, maybe an alien too.

3- Focus on being effective, not productive. Productivity is for machines.

4- Use emotion. Get mad, be excited, say “enough already!” Emotion is what lights the fuse on the good stuff. Don’t try to avoid it.

5- Anticipate and create. Don’t just look at what’s here now, use your imagination and create what comes next. Machines work with what’s here. Humans imagine what could be here and create it.

I’ll be thinking of more ways, but this is enough for now. No need to complicate. What are some ways you “confirm your humanity?”

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