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12 Uncommon Writing Lessons From Malcolm Gladwell

Here’s a list of my favorite pieces of uncommon writing advice from Malcolm Gladwell’s Masterclass.

1- “Amateur storytellers withhold valuable information because they are oblivious. Pros withhold information for suspense, surprise, or humor.”

2- Surprise vs Suspense:

3- Google is BAD for research.

4- “One thing leads to another.”

5 “The best ideas come from other people.”

6- “Create the world to describe the person.”

7- “Writing is an instrument and you need to play in different styles to get better.”

8- “You don’t know what is really interesting until you give it a fair shot on the page.”

9- “Critics and editors are the same. One helps you now, the other helps you in the long run.”

10- “How can I be different? Not ‘better’ but different?”

11- “Read the resources authors used to write the books you like.”

12- “Writing doesn’t always have to fit together nice and neat in the end.”

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